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Expectativas sobre el día de la mudanza

  • Do I Need To Pay Before A Job? I Deposit Can I Still Cancel?
    You do not need to pay beforehand. Payment is due only after completion. If you have to cancel or reschedule, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible so that we have an opportunity to complete fill a vacant spot. I you wish to reschedule for another time that is more convenient for you we will be more than happy to help you!
  • How Do I Calculate The Cost Of My Move?
    All of our jobs operate on a two hour minimum, if we finish before that time then you will pay the minimum amount. If your move extends beyond the minimum, then you will pay in 15 minute increments based on our hourly rate. Your hourly rate depends on how many workers are assigned to your move based on how big it is. Of course, the hourly rate covers the time moving and packing time if required. In case our boxes are needed for packing that will be an extra charge. An in case you are wondering, the clock starts only once we begin moving your belongings! Check out our quoting system!
  • When Do I Pay For My Move
    Payment is due at the end of the move. Your movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move by showing you your bill. The clock stops as soon as our movers no longer have to move things around. Cash and Card are accepted. We do not accept checks. Companies needing to pay by check for an office move can contact our office to confirm a check is acceptable.
  • Can I Tip My Movers? If So, The How Much?
    Although not required, we greatly encourage tipping your movers when they provide a great service! Cash or card is accepted. On average, our crews typically receive tips that are around 10% to 15% of the final bill. Of course, if your movers were super duper awesome you can leave more if you like. Conversely, if you didn’t feel the movers lived up to your expectations, you don’t have to leave a tip at all. If you don't have the budget for a tip and loved the service, please consider giving your mover a review online and shouting them out by name.
  • What If I Can't Leave A Tip?
    Hiring moving services can be expensive, we understand. If leaving a tip does not fit your budget, than a great alternative is giving your movers water (especially if a hot day), or even better, you can show them some love by shouting them out on Yelp, Google, or Facebook! You can even go the extra mile by referring us to your friends and family!
  • Who Do I Hand They Payment To? Who Do I Give The Tip To?
    Our trusted movers will always have someone leading. They are responsible for showing you the amount due and taking payment in the forms of cash or card. Cards tips will automatically be imputed in our system and split between your movers. If you choose to tip in cash you can also give the tip to the lead mover, or you can choose to hand each mover their tip.
  • Does The Clock Run During My Mover's Lunch Time? Do I Need To Pay For Their Lunch?
    It is normal for your movers to get hungry during a longer move, or when you are their second move of the day. Although they are encouraged to stop for food and snacks, they are required to stop the clock while they eat or go out of their way for their lunch break. Lunch is not required or recommended as lots of movers already have lunch packed or prefer to stop at certain food places along the way to the drop off point.

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