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Eliott's Moving Company worker Carrying a Box

Commercial Moves

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with our seamless commercial moving services in Houston.. With meticulous and careful planning, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of Houston ProMovers certified by AMSA with specialized training in IT equipment handling and secure document transport we ensure that your commercial and office move is not only efficient but also seamless. Our highly trained professional movers prioritize your safety, and that of your office items, ensuring that every item is handled with the utmost care. So if you're looking clear your office space and get rid of unwanted items, or if you're looking for Houston office movers, trust Eliott's Moving Company can handle all the heavy lifting!


Downtime, data security, and budget are your top concerns. We offer accurate timelines and competitive quotes. As Houston's "fastest movers" with a perfect 5 star google review track record, we demonstrate precision, efficiency, and communication as we make your move look effortless and efficient!

Houston Commercial & Office Moves: Done Seamlessly

Eliott's Commercial and Office Moving is the driving force behind seamless transitions for businesses of all types and sizes as well as office layouts across Houston and its neighboring cities. From retail stores and corporate offices to educational institutions and beyond, we've got the expertise to handle all broad range of challenges, including secure lab relocations and data center transfers. We've successfully completed over 500 commercial moves in Houston, including relocations for hospitals, tech startups, and government agencies so we know what to expect. We understand the unique needs of each industry, and our confident approach ensures that your move is executed flawlessly. Our commitment to efficiency, precision, and a quality service is unwavering, and your complete satisfaction is our goal. When you choose Eliott's Houston movers, you're not just choosing a moving service; you're selecting a partner that empowers your business to thrive, no matter where your journey takes you.  While backed by comprehensive insurance for ultimate peace of mind, experience the smoothest move ever! Scroll through our website to see photos and testimonial of our team in action and happy clients celebrating their successful relocations. We offer unparalleled performance, 24/7 move coordination, eco-friendly packing materials, and customized downtime minimization plans. Get a free quote today and start planning your stress-free commercial move!


Office Move Checklist

For a successful commercial and office move with Eliott's, we appreciate your collaboration in making the moving and planning process as efficient as possible. In order for us to offer you the best affordable rates possible, we've devised a checklist that can help us move you and your current space:

  • Firstly, please provide us with a comprehensive inventory of the office furniture you'll be moving, including specifics like printers, executive desks, delicate equipment, and any personal items. A floor plan of the building and the entire office would also come in handy when formulating a detailed plan to expedite your move.

  • Additionally, to have a successful move, if your building requires elevator reservations, kindly make those arrangements in advance to minimize delays. Make sure to let our reliable Houston movers borrow any door key cards so they're not held up!

  • It's also essential to notify your building's management and facility manager of your move so that they can facilitate access and ensure a smooth transition. 

  • Pack with confidence! Use our handy checklist with visual icons to identify items needing extra protection and packing supplies (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and more).

  • Moving offices isn't always easy due to narrow hallways and crowded elevators, so to avoid being surprised by what you will be paying remember to confirm our hourly rate to prioritize moving specific office equipment.

  • If you have any particular requirements, special instructions, or need for any additional services, please communicate those to us clearly. By working together with a shared vision, our entire team can orchestrate a seamless and stress-free commercial and office move tailored to your unique needs. 


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