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Long Distance Moves

We understand the worries that come with long-distance moves. Will my belongings arrive safely and be treated with utmost care? What about hidden costs and delays? Is this company my most affordable option? With Eliott's Long-Distance Moving Company, you can kiss those concerns goodbye. Our fully insured coverage, transparent pricing, and real-time shipment tracking give you complete peace of mind. Our dedicated Houston moving team is readily available to answer your questions and ensure your experience is smooth sailing. Choose our experienced movers to handle the heavy lifting and embark on your cross-country journey with confidence and excitement! Don't waste time and get an accurate quote with a time and cost calculator by clicking the button below!

Out of State But Not Out of our Ability!

Choose Eliott's Moving Company for your out-of-state full-service move, and you're choosing more than just a destination; you're choosing a seamless journey. Our track record of excellence in long-distance moving is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind. We don't just move your valuable items; we move your life, carefully handling your belongings with care and precision. Our professional movers navigate the complexities of interstate moves with ease, ensuring that your transition is as smooth as it can be. With our 10+ years of moving experience, you can trust in our reliability, expertise, and dedication to making your out-of-state move an exciting adventure, rather than a stressful task. Be assured that we will help you unpack after every move. Our performance has earned us customer reviews with 5 stars on google as well as partnerships with Southwest Movers Association, Houston Apartment Association, American Moving & Storage Association, Stan Ventures, and Houston realtors who have seen our services in action. Eliott's is here to turn your move into an unforgettable journey. We know planning long distance moves can be a hassle, so if you have any questions in regards to scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling don't be afraid to check out our FAQ's or our additional services:

  • Expert Packing Services: (whether it's advising you with packing tips before your interstate relocation, providing you with cost effective packing supplies, packing your belongings at an affordable rate, or getting rid of you unwanted items, we've got you covered! Please remember that just like moving, packing times can vary depending on your home, storage unit, or office size. If, for example, you have a 3 bedroom house you want help packing, we'll handle it one room at a time by putting your boxes in specific stacks near the door for a smooth transition.)

  • Unpacking Services: (Experience our personalized approach by having us unpack anything from 12-foot containers, to 3 bedroom apartments, an officer floor, and more while keeping your belongings safe.)

  • Insurance Coverage: (Our cross-country moves are fully ensured, enabling us to fully protect your fragile items, heavy items, or even your specialty items! If you require any additional coverage feel free to discuss it with us to make your coast to coast move stress-free.)

  • Swift Transits: (Get an estimated transit time based on your distance and route with our online quote calculator. Our Houston movers have a duty to find the fastest way possible to your drop-off point. If you decide to move within Texas, you be assured your move will be done in less than a day. You'll be continuously updated on your move, and in case our movers need a break, you won't be paying for it since "clock" will be paused! Although you won't be paying for fuel costs, you will be still be charged hourly while we drive!)

Our approach to moving reflects just how well trained our movers are, as we are fully confident in being able to guarantee exceptional customer service! We're not your average movers, we're the best movers Houston has to offer, and it's for a good reason. No other company offers our excellent services at an affordable cost like we doo, much less provide you with a moving estimate with hidden additional costs. As Richard Nguyen, one of our happy customers, states, "from start to finish they were professional, efficient, and provided exceptional moving services." So don't waste any more time and get your instant quote with us now!

Moving Truck

What We need From You!

At Eliott's Moving Company, no move is too much for us even when they're out of state. Our highly trained and experienced team  of movers is more than capable ensuring your move is swift and hassle-free during the entire process, regardless of  the distance. Here's a glimpse of our meticulous moving process:

Arriving and Surveying: Just like in our other moves, our team arrives punctually at your starting location, ready to assess your unique needs and to find ways to protect your special items.

Preparation and Protection: We simplify the daunting process of moving by safeguarding both your belongings and your home. Furniture, walls in narrow hallways and stairways, and floors are expertly protected to prevent any damage during your Houston move.

Detailed Walkthrough: Before departure, we conduct a thorough walkthrough, ensuring nothing is left behind. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned. This is one of the main reasons we have 5 star company ratings!

Careful Driving: No matter the distance, we always keep our eyes on the road and our foot on the gas peddle while minimizing bumps and pot holes to ensure none of your belongings are damaged. What's awesome is that you don't need to worry about additional delivery fees!

Final Walkthrough: Once we've reached your final destination, we don't consider our job done until you're completely settled. Our team performs a final walkthrough, making sure everything is precisely where it should be.

If you require any payment plans don't be afraid to discuss it with us. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable moving company Houston has to offer! Remember we will be charged $75 per mover an hour, with no additional costs for you to worry about. This means that regardless of the distance, materials or tools used in your move, you will be charged at a fixed rate!

Our long-distance movers are not simply the cheapest option in your search to find comprehensive services, we're your best choice! With our insurance policies your personal belongings will always be safe on top of our professional handling! The BBB and Bellhop Movers are proof of our outstanding performance in the moving industry. You can always trust us to be available for you even when it's peak season!


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