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Moving to a New Home in Houston? Let's Make It Easy Peasy!

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Moving to a new place is like going on a big adventure! Before you start your Houston adventure, let's talk about some important stuff to make sure everything goes smoothly. The last thing you want is to have the initial happiness and satisfaction with your new home to be replaced with stress and regret as you realize you forgot to think about what’s truly important before you moved in!

Part 1: Home Sweet Home

Okay, imagine you're getting a new treehouse. Before you move in, you want to check it out and that it’s safe and cozy, right? Here's what you need to think about:

1. Looking for Damage:

   - Before you call your new treehouse home, check if there are any scratches or things that need fixing. First and foremost, inspect the paint on every wall: make sure there’s no scratches, chunks of paint and drywall missing, cracks from your walls expanding, or discoloration. Then check out if any wood around the house is damaged such as your trims, kitchen cabinets, and door/door frames. Most importantly try to notice any particular smells on your wood and/or drywall. If there’s any black stains ranging from dots to black circles and swirls, it’s time to remove anything that has them! Always ask if you're able to virtually see your home ahead of time to see if there's any issues with it (preferably with a Virtual Reality Headset).

2. Checking the Base and Roof:

   - A good treehouse needs a strong base and a solid roof. Make sure everything is strong and won't let any rain in! Besides making sure your roofing looks new, it’s important to get into your attic and check out if the structure holding up that roof looks good and strong! We can’t have a big tree falling over because its roots are weak right?

3. Inspecting the Boiler and Circuit Box

   - This is a very important step as it is not fun to have power outages and cold water whenever you’re at home. For the boiler inspection try turning on your hot water throughout the house. If you’re having trouble getting the water hot check the boiler and make sure all the connections are okay and holding up. Sometimes the heater may be turned off so all you have to do is start the spark! Just like how you checked your boiler, make sure to take a look at your circuit box, the newer it looks the better. Try opening it up and checking if all the wires look good and if they’re holding up. If you’re not an electrician, don’t even think about touching them!

4. Extras to Check

   - After you have checked out essentially everything that is crucial to you living comfortably, take the time to look at anything you can change to make your house look better! Whether it’s the flooring, wall and ceiling colors, or even your outlets, transform this house into the perfect home for you. Sometimes it's hard to find a home that suits your liking when it comes to decor, which is why you need a trustworthy real estate agent who can streamline your search!

Part 2: Neighborhood Fun Facts

Now, let's talk about the cool stuff around your new treehouse:

1. Money Matters:

   - Your treehouse comes with a cost! Find out about how much money you'll need for taxes and if there are extra bills from the Treehouse Club. In Houston, you have access to several resources breaking down taxes for you, such as HCAD (Harris County Appraisal District). Make sure that these taxes aren’t too much for you, and try to learn exactly what taxes you’ll have to deal with! Besides taxes, there might be other fees you may have to deal with such as paying an annual fee to your homeowners associations.

2. Superhero Shield (Insurance):

   - Every superhero needs a shield, right? Your treehouse needs insurance to protect it from accidents. It's like a superhero shield for your new home! Make sure to contact as many insurances as you can and try to find a quote that best suits you. Make sure that it covers anything that can get damaged in the future and that it covers your personal assets.

3. Awesome Neighborhood Stuff:

   - Look around! Where's the school? Are there cool places to work or get snacks? Find out what's close by. If you’re ever in a pinch and need an extra ingredient for what you’re cooking it’s great to know where exactly your local supermarket is! More importantly, memorize the paths you can drive through to take your son and daughter to school more quickly or to get to work on time.

4. Safety First:

   - Make sure your new neighborhood is safe. You want to live in a place where you feel super safe and happy! Study your surroundings well and make sure you’re not moving into a neighborhood invaded by gangs and crime. If you have no other choice, do your best to find ways to protect yourself or to avoid as much trouble as possible.

Part 3: Moving Magic

Now, let's talk about the helpers who make moving magic happen:

1. Choosing the Right Movers:

   - Imagine you have superhero friends called Movers Houston Cheap or even better, Eliott’s Moving Company. They can help you move your stuff to the new treehouse, and they're not too expensive! Not only that, but they can make the whole process smooth and fast for you. Whether you’re in Houston or in another state, make sure that your movers have good reviews, great manners, clear and direct communication, and more importantly, that they treat your things with respect.

2. Packing Tricks:

   - Remember to pack your toys and clothes smartly, just like a game of Tetris! Smart packing helps everything fit nicely in the moving trucks. If you prefer to not pack yourself, simply look up affordable Houston movers that can help you take care of it! Remember that most moving companies charge between $25 to $150 per movers. Do your best to find a good balance between affordability and efficiency.

Moving to Houston is like starting a new chapter of your adventure book. By checking your treehouse, learning about your neighborhood, and having superhero movers, you'll have the best time ever in your new home! 


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